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New Year '98 - Tet Mau Dan '98

After several months, those seeds grew into young plants creeping on sand and became green spherical-shaped fruits. An-Tiem immediately cut a fruit in halves and saw it had a red color. He tasted it and found out that it was very sweet and watery. Then, he planted more fruits. He used a sharp stick to carve his name, the way to get to the island on the outside of fruits and put them on the sea so they could flow everywhere. Merchant ships passed by and found those fruits. The merchants tried those fruits and liked them. They immediately got to the island and traded rice, clothes...for fruits so they could sell them. An-Tiem named that kind of fruit Watermelon.

Rumors about the Watermelon were heard by emperor Hung. He knew how skillful An-Tiem was and ordered him and his family to come back to land. This time, the emperor rewarded An-Tiem and advised him to teach other people how to plant watermelons. Since that time, Van-Lang had another kind of fruit to eat and to sell.

When the New Year arrives, every Vietnamese family celebrates it with watermelons because watermelons are a part of Vietnamese traditions.

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