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New Year '98 - Tet Mau Dan '98
During the time of Emperor Hung-Vuong the third, there was an orphan boy who lived in the countryside, very far from the capital Phong-Chau. He liked to follow the hunters from his village to the jungle to hunt. One day, the boy went to the capital. Luckily, he met King Lac and impressed the king with his intelligence. King Lac adopted him and named him Mai An-Tiem.

An-Tiem grew to be a strong young man and a very hard worker. King Lac was pleased and gave him a lovely wife and a huge plantation. After a short time, An-Tiem had a beautiful house and storage filled with rice.

There were people who were jealous of An-Tiemís success. They reported to the King that An-Tiem was very haughty of his achievement and attributed all to his talents, not to the kingís grace. King Lac was very angry and determined to test An-Tiemís resourcefulness. He exiled An-Tiemís family to an isolated island with some dry foods and nothing else. The king wanted to see how long An-Tiem could endure before yielding to his grace.

The island had nothing but sand. Besides some dry food, An-Tiemís family had neither knife nor seeds or plants. His wife cried and An-Tiem consoled her: "We have brains and two hands, we will overcome any hardships."

The next day, An-Tiem used a pointed stick to dig a well for fresh water, and used stones and branches to build shelter. His wife caught fishes and crabs by the shore for food. One day, An-Tiem saw a yellow bird drop some black seeds on the white sand. He took the seeds and tried to grow them.

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