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New Year '97 - Tet Dinh Suu '97
Once upon a time, in the period of Hung Vuong the third, there lived along the riverbank a very poor family.  The father, Chu Vy Van, and the son, Chu Dong Tu, had only one piece of loincloth between them and took turns wearing it.  When the father died, Chu Dong Tu, who loved and respected his father very much, buried the cloth with his father.  From then on, he had nothing to wear, and had to hide in the water.  He traded the fishes he caught for rice from the merchant ships that sailed down the river.

In that period, Tien Dung was the beautiful princess.  She loved to sail.  One day, the princess passed by the riverbank where Chu Dong Tu lived and fished.  She fell in love with the romantic scenery and decided to make a stop.  Chu Dong Tu ran to a bush and covered himself with sand to hide.  She asked her handmaids to cover the area so she could take a bath.

As the princess playfully splashed her handmaids, the water caused the sand to run off; Tien Dung was startled to find a naked young man.  Chu Dong Tu was frightened and tried to run away. Their unusual encounter led Tien Dung to believe that fate brought them together.  Despite the fact that he was a common man and she was a princess, Tien Dung asked the servants to bring him clothes, and married him. Governor Lac Vuong was very angry. He revoked her royal title and prohibited her from ever returning to the palace.

Chu Dong Tu and Tien Dung traveled everywhere.  In their travels, they met a fairy who gave them a magical cane and straw hat. That night, when they affixed the cane to the ground and put the hat on top as the fairy instructed, a royal palace and servants appeared to serve them.  In the morning, when they pulled the cane up from the ground, the whole palace levitated together with Chu Dong Tu and Tien Dung, and flew them to the clouds forever.

The area on the ground where the palace was became a big swamp. Thousands of years later, Emperor Trieu Quang Phuc positioned his army in this swamp and defeated invaders from the North.

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