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There once lived a great Emperor named Hung Vuong XVIII, who had a beautiful daughter named My Nuong. In order to find the best husband for his daughter, he decided to open a contest: any man who hoped to marry My Nuong had to come to the palace and prove his worthiness. From all over the nation came famous writers, great artists, wealthy businessmen, and men of many talents. Among those were two extraordinary men: Son Tinh, the Mountain God, and Thuy Tinh, the Water God. Son Tinh's special power was to raise mountains, and Thuy Tinh's was to raise water.

With so many great men before him, the Emperor did not know whom to choose. Therefore, he announced that whomever was the first to bring wedding gifts on the next day would marry Princess My Nuong. Early the next morning, Son Tinh was the first one to reach the Capital. My Nuong was already dressed and prepared to follow her new husband. Son Tinh asked the Emperor's permission to bring My Nuong back to Tan-Viet mountain where he lived. The Emperor granted his permission, and the husband and wife left immediately. Minutes later, Thuy Tinh arrived, but he was too late.

Furious at his loss, Thuy Tinh chased after Son Tinh and My Nuong. He unleashed a massive thunderstorm, poured down heavy rain and strong winds, and raised the water level up high to stop Son Tinh and get back My Nuong.

There was water everywhere, but the more Thuy Tinh raised the waves, the higher Son Tinh raised the mountains. After a fierce battle, Thuy Tinh was exhausted. He gave up and withdrew to the ocean.

Son Tinh and the Princess continued on to the Tan-Vien mountain. The entire village celebrated their wedding in a

ceremony with beautiful lanterns and flowers. Everyone danced happily with the talented Son Tinh and beautiful Princess. From then on, North Vietnam has had high currents that occasionally cause farm fields to flood. It is believed that the high water currents come every year because Thuy Tinh is seeking to renew his battle against Son Tinh to win Princess My Nuong.

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