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modern dancers My dear young friend, do you wonder why you exist in this beautiful, loving, and kind land of freedom? Let me take you back to where our ancestors came from, how they evolved through time, and how they survived through many ups and downs throughout our history to end up where we are now. Then you will be so proud to be Vietnamese-American, Vietnamese-Canadian, Vietnamese-German, Vietnamese-French, Vietnamese-Australian, etc.
Long ago, there was a powerful dragon lord named Lac Long Quan who married the most beautiful fairy named Au Co. They gave birth to a sac with one hundred eggs in it, and after 7 days, the eggs hatched into 100 beautiful children. Since Lac Long Quan was from the sea and Au Co was from the mountains, Lac Long Quan told Au Co to take 50 children to the highlands and teach them how to hunt and farm. Lac Long Quan then took 50 children down to the sea and taught them how to fish. These 100 children are the ancestors of all the tribes in Southeast Asia. land and sea
bronze drum The oldest son of Lac Long Quan and Au Co migrated down south and became King Hung Vuong the First. He named our country Van Lang and taught the people about agriculture. Our people were one of the very first to create bronze drums with the activities of our ancestors engraved on the surface. Through many ups and downs, successfully defeating invaders from the North time after time, the Vietnamese people have retained our own language and culture.
After the fall of Saigon in 1975, many Vietnamese fled their homeland to seek freedom all over the world. We were welcomed by many kind and generous countries such as the United States, Canada, France, Germany, and Australia. The second Vietnamese generation has blossomed under democratic freedom and has grasped opportunities just like a flower reaching out to the sun. Thanks to the communities that have welcomed us, we Vietnamese are fortunate enough to leave our footprints and share our contributions all over the world. blossoming generation
As Lac Long Quan told Au Co before they parted: "Even though I am at sea and you are on high land, we must always be there for each other when needed, and we will never be parted in spirit."

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