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A long time ago, there were two best friends named Luu Than and Nguyen Trieu who loved to travel together, to the highest mountains, through the longest rivers, across the wildest forests. Everywhere they went, the earth and sky was their home, the travelers they met along the way were their brothers, and the bottle of wine by their side kept them company. travelers
heaven One day, Luu and Nguyen stumbled upon paradise, where there were beautiful fairies dancing and singing, day and night. Good music, good food, good wine, and good company made life heavenly for the two men. Luu Than and Nguyen Trieu stayed and married the two fairy sisters Ngoc Tran. After a while, even though life in paradise was extraordinary and happy, Luu and Nguyen missed home very much. They said farewell to their wives and returned to earth for a visit.
When Luu Than and Nguyen Trieu got back home to earth, they discovered that places looked different, people looked different, and nothing was familiar to them. They spoke with an elderly gentleman, who told them that there was once two young men named Luu Than and Nguyen Trieu who lived several hundred years ago, who loved to travel and got lost. Season after season passed, years after years went by, but no one had ever heard from them again. Luu and Nguyen then realized that a short time in heaven turned out to be hundreds of years on earth. They tried to find their way back to paradise, but were never able to get back again. four seasons
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