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“Chua Huong” (the “Huong Pagoda”), located on the limestone rocks of Huong Son Mountain, is the most popular among all the sacred temples and pagodas in Northern Vietnam. Unlike other temples in Vietnam, the only way to reach this sanctuary is by floating along a poetic but narrow stream on rowboats, a journey that takes about 45 minutes, and then traveling along a small road to reach the top. The spectacular scenery along the way adds to Chua Huong’s mystery and attractiveness.
The main festive days of Chua Huong stretch from January to early April. This busy and exciting season is a very popular opportunity for young men and ladies to meet, and numerous budding romances have been formed over the centuries.
Vietnam is a land of many nationalities, with 54 ethnic groups. The Viet (Kinh) people account for 88% of the country's population. The other 53 groups are ethnic minorities, scattered throughout the mountains from North to South in areas such as Sapa, a frontier town and district in the Lào Cai province in northwest Vietnam. Due to the terrain in the mountains, most of these ethnic minority peoples work their land on sloping terraces.
One cultural attraction of the highlanders is the festival of drums. People sing, dance, and play the drums vigorously under the moonlight. Festival-goers beat the drum from sundown until the surface cracks open. They believe that if the surface of the drum is broken before sunrise, then their crops for that year will be a good one. It is even more exciting for young couples when their drums burst, because then they can take each other into the dark woods for a little romance…
“Hon Vong Phu” is a very famous series of 3 songs written by a musician name Le Thuong. Composed from 1943 to 1947, it was the first contemporary Vietnamese music based on folklore. Le Thuong expertly weaved traditional Vietnamese music with modern European rhythm. The story told over the years was that at Lang Son village in the Northern Land, there is a big rock on the mountain shaped like a woman carrying a child looking over the horizon.
It is the statue of a faithful wife who had been waiting so long for her husband to return from war. Her loyalty was greatly admired and honored with a statue named Mount Lady Tô Thị, or Mount Vong Phu.
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