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Mid-Autumn '95 - Tet Trung Thu '95
The moon goes through many phases each month. At first, a young moon forms as a sliver, becomes a crescent, develops into a half moon, and finally blooms into a beautiful full moon. Then, it evolves back into a half moon, gradually fades to a crescent shape, and eventually vanishes. The cycle of life reflects the cycle of the moon itself.
  • A young moon resembles childhood -- precious, fragile, innocent.

  • A half moon resembles young adulthood. It is no longer a young moon, but has not quite become full yet. Young men and women at this age are in search for their other half.

  • A round moon is like when two halves are united as one. A person becomes whole when he or she is married. Then the couple shares the bitterness as well as the sweetness that the fruit of life brings, but most important of all they share love. At this stage, they are only a small step away from the cycle's crest -- a full moon.

  • A full moon resembles the completeness of a person's life. A family is perfected when there are children laughing and a baby crying, productions of a loving reunion.

  • A waning crescent moon is like old age, gradually fading. Nevertheless, one can look back at the children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to see there is always new moon forming, half moon blooming, and full moon shining as ever.
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