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In our eastern culture, mythological gods and heroes of the ancient times are also associated with visible stars. Originated in China but shared among Chinese-influenced cultures like Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, the best known romantic love story is the legend of The Milky Way or the love story of Nguu Lang and Chuc Nu. Nguu Lang Chuc Nu
Chuc Nu was the daughter of the Jade Emperor, the ruler of Heaven. She was a beautiful, laborious, and skillful weaver who could make the most exquisite tapestries.
Ao Trang She could weave sunrays together with moonlight, and dressed her work with twinkling stars to make the most exceptional materials. From these, her father’s robes and fairies' dresses were made. Being a beautiful princess, she had many suitors, but she could not find love among the magnificent and handsome princes of heaven, for none could make her happy.
One sunny summer’s day, she happened to look out the palace window and saw her father's herdsman driving the royal cattle along the banks of the Milky Way. Their eyes met, and both knew that this was love at first sight. As the herdsman Nguu Lang was a very handsome and conscientious worker who had always been a loyal servant in looking after the royal cattle, the Jade Emperor allowed them to get married.
The couple was very happy together, and their love grew stronger and sweeter each day thereafter. However, they were too devoted to each other, and consequently neglected all their work. Chuc Nu forgot her own weaving. The weaving wheel stood still and gathered dusty cobwebs, while the royal cattle roamed far and wide across the heavenly meadows, destroying heaven’s crops. Ao Hong Tim
The Jade Emperor warned them repeatedly, but they were so deeply in love that they kept forgetting their duties. The Emperor decided to banish Nguu Lang to the other side of the Milky Way, so that he could tend to the cattle there, and the two lovers could never meet again.

Chuc Nu pleaded with her father not to pass such a harsh sentence, but to no avail. However, soon after, the Jade Emperor took a little pity, and promised that they could meet once a year on the seventh day of the seventh month. So every year, on the seventh day of the seventh month, Chuc Nu stands on one side of the Milky Way and appeals to the crows to help the parted lovers be together again. The crows from all over the world would unite, and form a bridge so that Chuc Nu and Nguu Lang could cross and be together again.

Qua The crows in the legend are most likely the birds that migrate across the sky during the seventh lunar month. In Vietnam during this time of the year, a light rain falls throughout the day. The Vietnamese call this rain “Mua Ngau,” and associate it with the happy tears of long parted lovers. During hot summer days, these light rains are welcomed with joy, for it means the crops will have enough water to avoid a drought.

Chuc Nu and Nguu Lang in the legend are both immortalized with two beautiful stars on the night sky. Chuc Nu is Vega of the constellation Lyra, and Nguu Lang is the bright Altair of Aquila. Both of these stars are easily visible in the summer, when together with Deneb they form the familiar summer triangle in the Northern Hemisphere night sky. The triangle of stars is easily visible in the summer sky. If weather conditions permit, you can see the silvery patch of light that is the Milky Way, and it flows over Deneb, separating Vega and Altair.
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