Wings of the Hundred Viet - Canh Chim Bach Viet
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For many thousands of years, Viet Nam has been proud of our history and of our heroes. Inspired by this sentiment, this performance portrays various heroes in historical scenes. Elegant, rhythmic dance movements and powerful, skillful martial arts movements are woven together to honor the grace and strength of our heroes.

ao nga "The Trung Sisters" were lady warriors who bravely defeated the barbaric conquerors from the North. Trung Trac and her sister Trung Nhi raised a large army to avenge her husband Thi Sach, who was executed by the invaders. After their victory, the sisters ruled the country for three years.
"Dinh Bo Linh" showed leadership qualities from a young age, when he was a water buffalo boy. When he grew up, he became the most powerful of 12 feudal lords and subdued all the others. He unified the country, brought peace back to the land, and took the imperial title "Dinh Tien Hoang-De." Dinh Bo Linh
Dien Hong "Hoi Nghi Dien Hong" demonstrated the great courage typical of the patriotic elders who have fought off invaders throughout our history. When Mongolian invaders attempted to conquer the country, King Tran Nhan Tong assembled the elder dignitaries to consult them on the appropriate action to be taken. The unanimous response was to fight for our land.
"Hung Dao Vuong" was a brilliant military strategist who defeated two Mongolian invasions. As a result, the northern invaders gave up ever trying to conquer our country again. Hung Dao

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