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Mid Autumn '93 - Tet Trung Thu '93
Years and years ago, a week had ten days, and ten yellow crows took turns giving out daylight from their bright feathers each day. One day, they all wanted to be the sun. They fought, flew up, and all gave light at once. The heat was unbearable to the earth.

A farmer named Hau Nghe, who never missed with his bow and arrows, set out to save the earth from the intense heat. He shot down nine crows and left one to be the only sun.

As a reward for this heroic act, Hau Nghe was made king of the people. Now that he was king, he wanted immortality, and so he went in search of the legendary Linh Chi grass, which would let him live forever by eating it. In his search for this grass, he turned very cruel and killed many people.

He was also looking for the most beautiful woman on earth to become his wife. In his travels, he visited one village where he saw Hang Nga, the prettiest among the peasant girls, and took her away to be his wife.

Hang Nga was isolated in Hau Nghe’s mansion. She was unhappy with her husband’s cruelty and was very lonely. She had only one friend who could cheer her up, a beautiful snowy white rabbit named Tho Ngoc. Hang Nga and Tho Ngoc sang and danced with each other all day.

Until one day, Hang Nga found the Linh Chi grass and ate it. She became a fairy and flew to the moon, taking Tho Ngoc with her. They stayed there happily ever after.

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