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Trinh Minh Dieu-Hien was born in Saigon, South Vietnam. She is the youngest and the only daughter of Professor Trinh Chuyet and Mrs. Ta Thi Xuan. Ms. Trinh left Vietnam in 1975 at the fall of Saigon. Together with one of her brothers, she fled to the United States and resided in Maryland for six years with her godparents. With the support of her brother, she worked her way through college and graduated from Cal State Hayward with a B.S. degree in computer science in 1987.

Ms. Trinh had been active in the community as well as in school since her freshman year in college in 1981. She was awarded several scholarships for her activities and volunteer services in college. While in school, she took ballet, modern, jazz, and choreography dance classes, and developed her knowledge of various dance styles from more than a dozen of her dance instructors.

From 1984 to 1989, Ms. Trinh was a member of the Thanh-Xuan Vietnamese Cultural Dance Company which was led by Dance Master Duong The Thanh. There she was first introduced to Vietnamese cultural dancing. The group was well-known and performed on various occasions in the community . At the time, Ms. Trinh's passion for dancing had one purpose only, and that was to enjoy the performance on stage.

In 1990, Ms. Trinh began to choreograph short Vietnamese cultural dance routines for the Association of Universities and Colleges of the Bay Area, as well as for the Vietnamese Student Associations of Santa Clara University, San Jose State University, and UC Berkeley. Through these teaching experiences, Ms. Trinh realized how these dance choreographies helped introduce, familiarize, and preserve the Vietnamese culture in the Vietnamese-American students.

In Spring 1993, Ms. Trinh's talent at dance choreography was spotted by 3TV Entertainment and she was encouraged to form an official dance company. With the dedicated help of Ms. Rosalie Cartride, the continuous cultural advice of Mr. Truong Bon Tai, and the devotion of the dancers Ms. Trinh had taught, "Canh Chim Bach Viet" ("Wings of a Hundred Viet") Dance Company was born, with Ms. Trinh as the artistic director and choreographer. She then developed her dancing goal further, pursuing projects that were more meaningful by portraying the myths, legends, and historic events of Vietnam through her dance choreography.

Dieu-Hien Trinh was recently a recipient of The Heart of Gold Award given by The Viet-American Foundation for Leadership for Today and Tomorrow.

The favorable response from the audience, the faithfulness of the dancers, the appreciation of the parents of the dancers, and the support of the community, family, and friends have given Ms. Trinh the strength to continue her work through the years. She considers those to be the highest awards anyone can achieve.

In addition to the hours she dedicates to the troupe and her young dancers, Ms. Trinh also owns and runs Bebe Preschool, which is a proud sponsor of Wings of 100 Viet.

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